EncodixOnline - 3GPP 5G/LTE advanced Decoders

The online version of the Encodix multistandard 5G/LTE/3GPP/WiMax/cdma2000 encode/decode C code generator (see the list of available decoders).

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Note: the decoders below are constantly aligned with the latest 3GPP 5G releases.

TS24.0085G/LTE+ Mobile radio interface Layer 3 specification - Core network protocols; Stage 3
TS44.0185G/LTE+ Mobile radio interface layer 3 specification - Radio Resource Control (RRC)
TS44.0605G/LTE+ Mobile Station (MS) - Base Station System (BSS) interface - Radio Link Control / Medium Access Control (RLC/MAC) protocol
TS24.501Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for 5G System (5GS)
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